Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Most Fun Diwali ever: Celebrations at Dr.PV Rao Orphanage

A week's planning and a lil' bit of practice by some volunteers resulted in our most memorable Diwali in a long long time, on 26th October 2008 @ Dr.PV Rao School & Orphanage.

The fun began from the very beginning :) Ashwin and Uma (Speak Out – MAD volunteers @ PVR School) started off with the story of Diwali (their own version of things :P) and had to be told the right 'story' by the kids and volunteers. Then volunteers from Government Girls Home and Anbu Karangal kicked off the festivities with a dance programme...

A skit titled “Good Boy, Bad Boy” enacted by PVR guys made children understand the importance of being a good student. The group’s miming efforts ought to be commended! The group dance by them was memorable too.  They tried hard but rhythm and co-ordination were hard to spot ;) (Considering they were practicing only just before the programme began and delayed the start with their practicing... it was a decent show). Several solo and group dance performances and song renditions by the volunteers of PVR followed.

The excitement amidst volunteers became contagious and soon children from PVR started performing solos and group dance performances... And what’s Diwali without sweets and crackers!!! After several free for all dance performances to several ‘kuthu pattus’ we finally rounded off the day with sweets and crackers for children and their teacher-volunteers.

The BHUMI team @ PV Rao Orphanage for the Diwali Celebrations