Friday, October 9, 2009

Diwali '09

Bhumi Cares: Passive smoking kills and so do crackers!!
Copper - Irritation in respiratory tract
Cadmium - Anaemia and kidney damage
Lead - Affects the nervous system
Magnesium - Causes metal fume fever
Sodium - Skin diseases
Zinc - Vomiting
Nitrate - Mental impairment
Nitrite - Coma

Not-so-happy Diwali: At the Madras ENT Research Foundation (MERF) at least 15 to 20 patients, mostly youngsters, are diagnosed with permanent hearing loss every year after Deepavali.
Research has shown that excessive noise levels lead to hearing loss, high blood pressure, excess secretion of adrenaline, dilation of the pupil, sleeplessness, nervous problems, blood vessel constriction and even cardiac arrest.

Bhumi Suggests: Purchase crackers
• Which are easy on your ears.
• With ‘No Child Labour’ stickers.

Bhumi Requests: Say NO to crackers!!