Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dronacharya & Ekalayva - Leadership development program

DnE is experiential learning leadership program which pairs underprivileged children with volunteers who act as their mentors and role models. The program helps the children realise their potential and transforms the volunteers into more socially aware leaders.

• To enrich the lives of underprivileged children (Mentees) through a caring relationship with a personal mentor who will support, encourage and build their self-confidence.

• To groom the leadership qualities and the sense of social responsibility in young volunteers (Mentors), our country's future leaders, by exposing them to some of the most pressing social problems of our country.

The program is modelled on mentorship programs like the ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’ (USA), Perach (Israel) and Dronacharya & Ekalyva (Hyderabad, India).

Tutors conduct classes for small batches for four hours every week, helping the children build a strong academic foundation and providing an impetus to continued education through improved academic performances.

Mentors meet mentees for two hours every week and assist them with school or home work, listen to their problems and support them in challenges they encounter. In the process, Mentors instil self confidence and the ability to solve one’s own problem in the children.

Mentors will undergo Bhumi certified training program in personal mastery, Communication, Problem solving and leadership and group learning cycles developed in collaboration with renowned experts from across the country.

Mentor’s Gain: Communication skills, Leadership, Inclusiveness, Social Sensitivity
Mentee’s Gain: Absenteeism decreases, Academic grades, Pass rate, children pursuing higher education, entering organised labour etc increases.

The advantages for children: Statistics Show that children with mentors are: (Source:
• 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
• 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
• 53% less likely to skip school
• 33% less likely to engage in violence

The advantages for Young Volunteers: Young people who mentor benefit in the following areas: (Source: Boyer 1996)
• Improved employability as a result of better communication skills
• Develop leadership skills
• More patient and understanding demeanour.
• Enhanced cognitive and moral development
• Respect and compassion towards fellow human beings.